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opencart klarna extension

opencart klarna extension FAQ, We list here 99% of issue related to simple settings and configuration , please ready the following to save your time and no need to open ticket :

There are tow types of accounts in klarna payment solution supported :

  1. Klarna checkout
  2. Klarna payments

We are in tapspeed.com confirm strongly you have first make sure the type of your account by connecting klarna  support then buy the right opencart extension:

We are confirm You must make sure your account are Live or playground when setting up our extension.

Uncaught Error: The client token is invalid. Make sure it has not been tampered with in any way.

  • this is no error , it incorrect or inactive account in Klarna !!!

Message: Could not resolve host: payment.klarna.com ..

Opencart Klarna Checkout API V3
-22 %
Opencart 3 Klarna Checkout API V3,  Klarna Checkout module for Opencart 3 with the latest  Klarna API v3 updates. This opencart extension work 100% opencart 3 here is a demoWhat is the Klarn..
$70 $90
Opencart Klarna Payments
Hot -38 %
Klarna payments opencart Pay later, Pay Now or Pay Overtime extension coded in smart way , tested on live online stories and you can check demo .Boost your business with Klarna payments and  conn..
$50 $80
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